‘Secret Beginnings’: a glimpse into the fevered mind of a True Believer

As if we needed more proof of just how ignorant and mentally-deranged the average True Believer is, then a lengthy WhatsApp rant which is flying about should provide it (please note that I have left the spelling mistakes / punctuation errors in place to further convey the abject stupidity of the author):




The Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs can trace their roots back to a secret organisation founded and funded by the British mining magnate, Cecil Rhodes.

On his death, he left his fortune(the fortune he stole from the Vooruitzicht farm from the original De Beers families and those he murdered in concentration camps‼️‼️‼️) to maintain his dream of a “one world government” after he became fabulously wealthy working for the Rothschilds exploiting the people of South Africa.


When confronted about the South African concentration camps, Satan seed David Rees Mog said they put the Boers into concentration camps “for their own safety” while these PIRATE THUGS turned the Internationally recognized Boer Republics into a Diamond and Gold mining camp with slave Labour that laid the foundations for apartheid which was later blamed on the Boers who they framed with “apartheid”‼️



After the second Anglo-Boer war they literally heisted our gold and diamonds and when they put my Boer ancestors in Cecil Rhodes/Rothschild/Oppenheimer/Rupert/Alfred Milner concentration camps in 1902 where 28,000 Boer woman and children perished and 42,000 blacks ‼️‼️

They got away with ALL the minerals. Apartheid architect Lord Alfred Milner then created apartheid in 1910 to be implemented in 1948 with the purpose of destroying the Boer identity and the Khoisan (first nation) identities… and in 1994 they used their knights of Malta puppet, Mandela and Broederbonder de Klerk to start laying the final foundations, the final step of Cecil Rhodes’s dream for a one world order.


Cecil Rhodes doesn’t have any offspring because he was a homosexual so he left all South Africa’s wealth the Rothschilds to enslave the world and turn Christian’s into the batteries of their rainbowdildos

They then created Israel the same year they declared Apartheid law in SA, 1948… to create the final masterpiece after they pulled off the draft in South Africa. They brought the remnant Jews from the Holocaust to Israel and intermixed them with the khazarians from Ukraine to eventually destroy the Jewish identity … after they blame everything on the Jews(like they are blaming everything on the ANC puppets in SA) and get away AGAIN on paperclip 2



Seriously ANYONE who still proudly waves the #rainbownation terrorist flag of South Africa must go line up for your boosters from Satan’s Pharmakia agents(Dr mengeles demons) in white coats.

Elon Musk, the “African American” richest man in the world, who’s mother is a Canadian witch who worked with sangomas in africa and they were the beneficiaries of apartheid and they are the beneficiaries of post apartheid too‼️‼️



The level of sheer insanity on display in this homophobic rant is utterly mind-boggling – though a particular favourite of mine is the way he blames Lord Milner for creating ‘apartheid in 1910 to be implemented in 1948’. Of course, anyone with a brain knows that 1910 was actually the year in which the, for-all-intents-and-purposes, independent nation of the Union of South Africa was created by the victorious, yet magnanimous British, and which Afrikaners dominated politically from the start. The implementation of Apartheid (which, essentially, re-introduced the racist franchise laws of the erstwhile Boer republics across the entirety of South Africa) happened 38 years – and two World Wars – after the end of British Colonial rule, and was 100% the work of Afrikaner hard-liners… not that this particular moron, nor that august publication, ‘The Alberton Record’, seems to believe in the concept of taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Equally ridiculous is his assertion that Cecil John Rhodes ‘stole’ the diamond mines from someone; in the real world – ie. not the one inhabited by AWB voters – Rhodes simply bought a claim at the nascent diggings at De Beers farm in 1871, just as many hundreds of others did, and then started gradually buying out his rivals. Of course, it is even more far-fetched to squeal that Rhodes ever put anyone in a concentration camp – but, hey, when did historical reality matter to the Defenders of the Myth?

Presumably ‘Satan seed David Rees Mog’ is meant to refer to Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg – one can never expect accuracy or correctness from those who are so enamoured with the Boer War Myths. If so, Rees-Mogg was perfectly correct to state that the camps were established to provide shelter, food and medical care. As Professor Walker clearly stated: ‘The first of them had been opened at Krugersdorp as a shelter for refugees, whose numbers grew after Kitchener had failed to persuade Botha to leave surrendered burghers unmolested on their farms’.[i]

Indeed, even the Apartheid-regime heroine, Emily Hobhouse, referred to them as Refugee Camps[ii], whereas Boer General Louis Botha – rather inconveniently for today’s fanatics – declared, ‘one is only too thankful nowadays to know that our wives are under English protection’.[iii] President Steyn of the Orange Free State had little concern for the residents, cheerfully announcing: ‘We must not think of our wives and children anymore … it is but a short time that our women and children will suffer.’[iv] Proving himself to be as uncaring as he was cowardly and incompetent, General De Wet agreed: ‘Their sufferings are among what we may call the necessary circumstances of the war’.[v]

We are all well aware that ill-educated, True Believing fools love to simply make these things up to keep their National Party fantasies alive / entertain us. But it is rather disappointing to see a link to a News24 article (written by a spectacularly ignorant fellow called Walter Muller) which is just as deranged and poorly researched as the rest of this codswallop, and which deserves a blog article of its own. Watch this space.


[i] Walker, A History of Southern Africa, p.498

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  • Peter Dickens Posted August 2, 2023 5:40 pm

    I’m disappointed, he didn’t mention the Freemason conspiracy and the illuminati … where’s a well groomed goat when you need one eh.

    • Bulldog Posted August 4, 2023 3:28 pm

      Or at least a claim that Lord Milner was, in fact, a blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian or something?

  • Peter Dickens Posted August 2, 2023 6:18 pm

    The Alberto’s Record! Really! Apartheid started with slavery in the Dutch Cape Colony, it’s was refined into what was known as Krugerism in his three Presidential terms of the ZAR . Krugerism was adopted by the breakaway National Party under Hertzog as its official policy when it was established in 1914. It was infused with Weimar eugenics and national socialism by the Broederbond in 1938 to become Christian Nationalism. It was then given a legalise structure by Dt HF Verwoerd and pals and it entered the 1948 elections as a policy called ‘Apartheid’ by the ‘Pure’ Nationalists – the rest is history. How the heck Milner got in on this act is anyone’s guess – maybe he’s a time traveller – that’s the realm of conspiracy theorists in dire need of their aluminium hats.

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