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I have just finished reading ‘Fiasco – The American Military Adventure in Iraq’, by Thomas E. Ricks. It is an eye-opening read, and brilliantly written. Having worked in Iraq for several years, I found it fascinating reading and would recommend it to all. It contains a quote from an American General which I found especially

Well worth watching

Seeing red

A few years ago, I enjoyed a trip on Rovos Rail from Pretoria to Durban. As one might expect, the journey included several stops / excursions along the way, one of which was to the Nambiti Game Reserve, near Ladysmith. The young game guide should probably have stuck to talking about the flora and fauna,

There are none so blind as those who will not see

The rantings of True Believers entertain me in many ways, but one that gives me the most laughs is the way that their take on the Boer War is in no way linked to historical reality. This means that any chance of rational discussion with them is impossible, and one might as well try and