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‘Historian’ denies reality in anti-British tirade…

There was more proof in today’s Telegraph that some in academia are much more interested in pushing their violently anti-British agenda, than in the study of historical reality: An extract reads as follows: Dr Jenny Bulstrode of University College London (UCL) has already prompted a weeks-long academic dispute over her claim that Henry Cort

Hapless Hennie hopelessly humiliates himself

I have never quite understood why Amazon lets people review products they have not bought, and it is rather telling that the few ‘one star’ ratings my books get are all from people who are not ‘verified purchasers’. It would be rather like me posting a review of a car I had never driven, or

Blinkered academics: not just a South African thing

There was an interesting letter in the Telegraph recently, which highlighted just how blinkered and stubborn certain academics are, and how determined they are to resist anything that challenges how they prefer to view historical events: It is rather disappointing to learn that sneering, closed-minded History Professors, desperate to push their preferred agenda, and stick

A new word: ‘Ashism’

Apparently a new word has entered the lexicon of the True Believers: ‘Ashism’. I am told that certain fanatical Defenders of the Myth have taken to using it on social media and, obviously, I am flattered to have so impacted their lives, that they have even coined a word in my honour. Though I have