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Pick a number! Any number!

I was recently loaned this book by a friend, and it didn’t take long before I spotted a hilarious claim on page v: ‘It is not certain how many of the 100,000 Boer farms that were burnt, were located in the Eastern Transvaal’. As anyone who has spent any time in South Africa will attest,

‘Matabele’ now available on Kindle

Razors and Teapots

“What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence” Christopher Hitchens Though popularised in the early 2000s by the journalist and writer, Christopher Hitchens, this ‘philosophical razor’ is actually an English translation of a Latin proverb which was in use much earlier: ‘quod grātīs asseritur, grātīs negātur’, or ‘What is asserted gratuitously may

Wikipedia Nonsense

Wikipedia is, of course, a useful tool, but it also seems to have be adopted by the ‘useful idiots’ to spread their myths of victimhood. I came across this section on the page about the South African republic: So, yes: uneducated readers of Wikipedia will come away thinking that the Jameson Raid was ‘a British