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Frantically trying to defend the myth…

  A couple of days ago, I stumbled across a review of KK&K penned by self-declared ‘aspiring historian’ John Boje – not a fellow I have ever heard of, I must confess. Alas, it would seem that Mr Boje either did not fully read the book, or was incapable of understanding it as his ‘review’

‘Methods of Bar-Boer-ism’ part 2

Continuing the ‘methods of Bar-Boer-ism’ theme, here are some diary extracts from the Rev. Gerard Bailey, Anglican Vicar of Dundee, written after his parish was over-run, annexed and thoroughly looted by the ‘noble’ Boers we are all meant to think of as the goodies / victims of the piece: October 23rd 1899: ‘… a little

‘Methods of Bar-Boer-ism’… Part 1

The National-Party-approved narrative of the Boer War frantically tried to portray the Boers as innocent, noble warriors, heroically standing up to vile, rapacious, cowardly British Tommies after the British Empire launched an unprovoked attack on the peace loving republics. To Apartheid-era propagandists, the only reason the Boer Titans were finally defeated is because the wicked

Bergendal photos

Following on from the article on the 27th of August, here are some photos taken at Bergendal.