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On this day in 1982…

On March 19th, 1982, a group of Argentinian scrap metal workers docked in South Georgia (about 850 miles east of the Falklands) and raised the Argentine flag. Whether or not this was authorised by Galtieri’s government is still unclear, but it nevertheless marked the start of the slide towards the Falklands War, a conflict which

Getting to the Source

When is a valid source not a valid source? Well, according to many writers on the Boer War: ‘when it doesn’t support the much-cherished myth’. Written by a leading ‘Defender of the Myth’™, one of the more mindlessly entertaining reviews of ‘Kruger, Kommandos & Kak’, for example, sought to claim the book was completely invalid

What the British taught the Boers

Claiming that the Boers taught the British army everything from marksmanship to camouflage is a popular pursuit for those of a certain persuasion, but few ever take a moment to consider what the British (who, let us not forget, won the war) taught the Boers (who, despite all the propaganda, lost). For, though the British

The truth, the whole truth, and…

The last couple of years have seen a lot of discussion about the way the British Empire and the men of that time are perceived; the irony of a South African student who was involved in the ludicrous ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ campaign in Cape Town then happily accepting a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford