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Boer War Bingo 2.0 – ‘The Truth Hurts’

I note with interest that some especially obsessive devotees of ‘Boer War Bingo’ find ways to play it in discussions in which the Boer War is not even involved. A friend forwarded me a link to a story on, titled ‘The Truth Hurts’ (presumably ironically). I have copied and pasted it in all its bizarre

Nurse, Nurse – it’s getting worse

Though their latter-day supporters desperately try to re-invent the Boers as the poor, innocent victims of the piece – honourable, peaceful men suddenly attacked by the wicked British Empire – the reality is, of course, rather different. Kruger’s marauding Commandos which started the war by invading Natal, Bechuanaland and the Cape Colony had an insatiable

Berg Times Balderdash

One of the most entertaining things in life is watching the mental gymnastics which Defenders of the Myth™ put themselves through in order to maintain their preferred version of the Boer War. These people will shamelessly twist themselves in knots to justify (or explain away) the simple, undeniable reality that the Boer War started when

Colesberg codswallop

While looking for some maps of French’s campaign around Colesberg, I came across this entertaining website: This section of text caught my eye: The Boer strategy The Boers were fighting a primarily defensive war, occupying territory in Natal and the Cape Colony, and besieging British-held towns, to prevent the British from bringing the war