Sandwiched between the glamour and heroism of the Zulu War, and the controversy and bitterness of the Boer War, the Matabele Wars of the 1890s have long been southern Africa s forgotten colonial wars. There is no denying that the Matabele Wars are a lot less romantic and photogenic than the Zulu War. The wonky, unreliable Gatlings and ludicrous rocket batteries of the Zulu War had given way to the highly effective Maxim guns that were seeing major action for the first time. Nevertheless, the Matabele warriors showed every bit as much heroism, determination and élan as had their kinsmen in the Zulu War.


Dr Jameson was a very remarkable man – an unashamed creator and risk-taker who understood the true meaning of loyalty – and in Chris Ash he has found his ideal biographer.
Andrew Roberts, bestselling author of The History of the English-speaking Peoples and The Storm of War.

The book is much more than a biography – there is extensive history of southern Africa to be gleaned here… In all, Jameson’s life was so extraordinary it could read like a Wilbur Smith novel, which is no bad thing. It may be hard to view Jameson as a hero in these politically correct times, but Chris has done a great job in making his work an entertaining read and I heartily recommend it.
Geoffrey Hay, The Shetland Times.