‘a Kafkaesque state of affairs, where actions and intent don’t count’

‘…the Iron Dome makes it easier for the West to turn a blind eye to endless attempted war crimes by Iran’s proxies. If an Iran-funded missile fired at Israeli civilian centres is intercepted and doesn’t kill anybody, we can pretend it never happened. If Israel strikes back at rocket launchers and kills some Hamas fighters, it can be blamed for a ‘disproportionate response’, demonised as the real aggressor, making it even easier for the West to downplay Iranian aggression. It’s a Kafkaesque state of affairs, where actions and intent don’t count’.
Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph, 18th April 2024

The quote above reminded me a little of the Boer attacks on British territory in October 1899, and the way that the aggressor scrambles to reinvent itself as the victim. Because their invasions (like the latest Iranian attack on Israel) were wholly unsuccessful, the Boers – and their later apologists – have managed to convince some sheeplike people that they were the wronged party in the war they started.

As Mr Heath says, any Israel reaction to being attacked risks seeing them ‘demonised as the real aggressor’. We see exactly the same when it comes to the Boer War: the British counter-offensive – ie. London’s reaction to its territory being attacked and invaded – is instead desperately spun into being a dastardly, aggressive act… ‘proof’, indeed, that the scheming British were determined to steal gold ‘n’ diamonds.

The reaction of some to both situations really is a ‘Kafkaesque state of affairs, where actions and intent don’t count’ – and those who sympathise with Iran and / or Kruger’s ghastly regime wouldn’t have it any other way.

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