A new word: ‘Ashism’

Apparently a new word has entered the lexicon of the True Believers: ‘Ashism’.

I am told that certain fanatical Defenders of the Myth have taken to using it on social media and, obviously, I am flattered to have so impacted their lives, that they have even coined a word in my honour. Though I have yet to see a dictionary definition of this neologism, it appears to mean this:


An indisputable, yet inconvenient, fact about the Boer War which refutes National Party myth, and upsets True Believers.
Something that rips away the comfort blanket of faux victimhood which certain insecure South African males still like to wrap themselves up in.
A well-researched, and well-referenced, statement of reality that gets Defenders of the Myth so upset, that they issue pathetic death threats (which they are too cowardly to carry out).


‘The panic-stricken History Professor realised that a single Ashism shows up his entire academic career as having been a sham’

‘After I used a couple of Ashisms to shatter his drunken rubbish about the Boers winning every battle, he got very upset’.

‘Please note: no one is allowed to use an Ashism on this Facebook Boer War discussion group – we thrive on wallowing in self-pity and playing the victim, and simply will not tolerate anyone bringing facts into this debate!’

‘Ashisms are desperately ignored by those who have such sad lives that they cling to Apartheid-era myths to make them feel better about themselves’.


  • James Grant Posted November 25, 2023 12:29 pm

    What a bloody classic! These blokes hero worship you, Mr Ash

    • Bulldog Posted November 25, 2023 3:01 pm

      Certain True Believers do seem to be a little obsessed by me… it really is jolly flattering to have had such a massive impact on their (otherwise sad and lonely) lives!

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