More far-fetched reasons to ignore Ash… and to keep the myths alive

They say that the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about, so I suppose I should be happy that a certain class of fool still feels the need to bad-mouth me on social media.

Apparently, on one of the various Boer War Facebook sites, one chap gave his reason for refusing to read ‘Kruger, Kommandos & Kak’ as being that the title is offensive to him. What a frightfully sensitive little flower this pathetic specimen must be… but he can stop sobbing into his pillow, as there’s good news: surely he can instead read my follow up, ‘Kruger’s War’, without bursting into tears at a rude word? You’d think so, but of course he won’t, as all that really matters to this chap, and those like him, is keeping the National Party myths sputtering on a little longer.

Just as entertainingly, another such buffoon mocked my books because I (apparently) ‘hail from a journalistic background’… needless to say, this is complete nonsense, but – hey – when it comes to dreaming up excuses not to learn about a subject, what does it matter? All you have to do is pull some ridiculous, far-fetched excuse out of your arse, and continue to enjoy the soothing comfort blanket of your much-cherished myths.

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