The most bigoted True Believer of them all?

With the sad death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, a few deeply pathetic individuals have crawled out of the woodwork to make cruel and ill-informed comments, bizarrely delighting in the death of a 96-year-old lady. Arguably the most deranged and ignorant of the lot was published in Die Burger, a Cape-based, Afrikaans newspaper, and was written by someone called ‘Boer Johannes Visser’ (a man I have never met, but who one can easily imagine as an unemployable loser who has never had a girlfriend):

His self-pitying ahistorical drivel translates to:

Am I right that the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II has never asked for forgiveness for her imperial predecessors’ genocide of the Boers and their wives and children in the Anglo-Boer War during her 70 years on the throne? Germany did it for the Nazi’s crimes.
The extermination of the Boers affected their growth to such an extent that we became a minority group in South Africa. Its effect was a sense of defiance, namely Apartheid, because the Boer people saw what was coming.
What followed was the takeover of a functioning state of law and order by a government that destroyed the aforementioned.
Repressive policies are destroying the future of the Boer people and our children must flee the country for opportunities.
The future of the Boer people in this country is doomed, and was directly caused by British imperialism. For me, the difference between the passing of the Queen, and half an onion, is that the half-onion gives me a tear in my eye.

What a sad, sad, individual this truly pitiful chap is, mocking the death of an old lady, bemoaning the end of Apartheid, and blaming Afrikaner extremism on the British. Is he really upset that HM didn’t apologise for a make-belief ‘genocide’ which he pretends happened 24 years before she was born? Does ‘Boer Johannes Visser’ really not know that the main cause of deaths was a measles epidemic? Is he seriously suggesting that was Her Majesty’s fault too?

And one can only laugh at his notion that it was the tragic deaths from this measles epidemic which made the Boers ‘a minority group in South Africa’. One wonders what he thinks they were before Kruger started the Boer War.

Unfortunately, South Africa is still blessed with characters like ‘Boer Johannes Visser’, so the Boer War myths will still be enjoyed by the lunatic fringe of extreme Afrikanerdom for a while yet.


  • Ross Posted September 13, 2022 5:10 pm

    Very informative read as always.

  • wayne Lund Posted September 17, 2022 12:32 pm

    Your work, over the years, has been an inspiration to all those English speakers who had the myths of the ABW rammed down our throats at school, in the army and by the state controlled TV and other media.

    • Bulldog Posted September 18, 2022 5:52 am

      Thanks, Wayne.

      My aim has always been to try and get people to open their eyes and think for themselves, rather than simply accept the comforting rubbish they were (and still are) told.

      The main myths of the Boer War (eg. the British attacked the republics, wore red, lost every battle, committed ‘genocide’ etc etc) are so blatantly false, illogical, and easily-disproven, that it takes a massive effort from the die-hard True Believers to keep their preferred fairy tales limping on for a bit longer.

      Quite why certain South African academics are still so determined to keep peddling National Party narratives is another matter – but they are at least partially responsible for extremists like ‘Boer Johannes Visser’ holding the farcically ahistorical views they do.

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