‘Reinterpreting’ the Boer War…

Another day, and another attempt by the insidious forces of political-correctness to re-write British history:


It seems that a Boer War memorial in Newcastle (the one in England, not Natal) is under fire, due to the conflict being deemed a ‘colonial enterprise’. Of course, the morons behind these sort of decisions couldn’t care less that the Boer War was actually fought to defend Natal and the Cape against a Boer invasion.

Luckily, Dr Spencer Jones was approached by the Telegraph to comment on this insanity, and described the attempts to alter the monument as ‘crass’,
“simply because their cause no longer suits the current cultural zeitgeist”.

He added: “Taken to its logical extreme, it would eventually be necessary to remove memorials to the First World War and Second World War as these were also imperial conflicts.

“Many of the Boer War memorials in the country were paid for by public subscription to recognise the courage of the volunteer soldiers who joined the colours.”

“The number of Boer War memorials in the country is reflective of how important the war was to the public of the time.”

The singling out of British “colonialist” actions against the Boers has also been criticised, with the ultimately defeated republics themselves guilty of martial and social misdeeds.

Dr Jones said: “As with any guerrilla war, this was a complicated and vicious conflict.

“The Boers were far from saints. They were a slave-holding society in all but name and their virulent racism towards black people shocked British observers.

“The Boer conduct in the guerrilla war was as ferocious as that of the British. Boer fighters brutalized civilians, especially black Africans, executed prisoners and caused widespread destruction.”

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