Motto of Defenders of the Myth

It is often difficult to understand the world view of today’s Defenders of they Myth, but perhaps this quote might help:

Like those who today sympathise with both Kruger’s regime and the war of conquest he started, Olive Schreiner was so blinded by her irrational hatred of the British Empire that she freely admitted to instantly deciding Kruger’s clique were the goodies, and only then bothering to start ‘searching for a position that could reconcile her empathy with the Boers with her understanding of the racial injustice faced by the indigenous peoples’.

This bizarre way to look at the world is a perfect motto for today’s Defenders of the Myth: like Olive Schreiner, in their heart of hearts, they must know that they are rooting for a regime which tolerated slavery, was even more racist than the later Apartheid government, and which started the war to build themselves a vast empire.

Having thus chosen to try and defend the indefensible, they are then in the same position of Ms Schreiner, and left having to tie themselves in knots to explain why they are ignoring historical reality, and mindlessly cheering for Kruger’s ghastly regime.

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