‘The most savage Brit who ever lived’

As China and India lurch towards a potential war, British minds are focused on more pressing issues such as banning rugby fans from singing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’. Though this has been the unofficial England rugby anthem for more than 30 years, it has suddenly been declared ‘racist’ (along with pretty much everything else).

The drive to eradicate every vestige of British history and culture continues apace, with Oxford University taking the cravenly pathetic decision to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes… though no one seems to think anyone should stop taking all the money he bequeathed.

Back in 2016, when this madness last reared up, the statue was saved by wealthy benefactors saying they would change their wills if Rhodes was air brushed from history – thus potentially seeing the university lose millions of pounds of donations.

This time round, however, this self-important windbag has popped up to claim he will match any lost donations:


Unlike Rhodes, however, in reality, this attention-seeker hasn’t actually committed to doing anything at all, for if one scratches the surface its a rather different ‘pledge’:

“When I saw that there were suggestions that some people might pull their donations then my position was that I would increase mine to compensate, if I can. One reason why I’ve held back is because of [the university’s] arms investments but now, as I’m seeing them take the right steps, I will, I suppose, consider increasing my contribution.”

Right. So he will ‘consider increasing his contribution’. Not quite as headline worthy when one drills down. What is more, and basking in his 15 minutes of fame, this buffoon then chose to describe Rhodes as ‘the most savage Brit who ever lived’.

It has long been obvious that the only way these cultural terrorists can get the mob on their side is to indulge in ridiculous hyperbole, and this is a perfect example. What, exactly, did Rhodes do to earn that title, one wonders? He was a politician and a (very hard-nosed and successful) business man – not a genocidal mass-murderer. Or, indeed, even a common-or-garden murderer.

But in the current climate of mass hysteria and self-loathing, facts have long since ceased to matter.


  • Chris Posted June 25, 2020 12:38 pm

    Well what about Rothschild
    He ( and his empire ) were the actual funders of Rhodes and provided the wherewithall for him to buy up all the claims including Barney Barnatos and thus become — with De Beers the “King of Diamonds”
    Is Rothschild not the most mostest of savage “financiers”

    Where is Edward the First (Longshanks) when he is needed ?


    From THAT University


    • Bulldog Posted June 25, 2020 12:43 pm

      Indeed… where is Edward Longshanks, or, for that matter, any Brit who actually killed someone, when we need one?

      If building a successful business empire, and then giving away millions in charity, is the criteria for ‘savagery’ in these enlightened times, how long will it be before Bill Gates is declared ‘the most savage American who ever lived’?

  • Chris Posted June 25, 2020 1:00 pm

    This guy next ?


    You need to watch the rest in this series — subtle agenda at play

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