‘Historian’ denies reality in anti-British tirade…

There was more proof in today’s Telegraph that some in academia are much more interested in pushing their violently anti-British agenda, than in the study of historical reality:


An extract reads as follows:

Dr Jenny Bulstrode of University College London (UCL) has already prompted a weeks-long academic dispute over her claim that Henry Cort stole his groundbreaking iron-making process from Jamaican slaves, with Oxbridge professors dismissing her account as a “fairy tale” and a correction subsequently being issued by the prestigious journal that published her work.

Now, another war of words has flared over her “historically stupid” suggestion that Britain did not abolish the slave trade, in an interview to promote her controversial paper.

She told the Context of White Supremacy podcast earlier this year, while laughing: “In the UK we have the British government saying ‘well we abolished slavery’, again the shock – you tell a Jamaican that the British abolished slavery and they will tell you something back.

“We know that this wasn’t gifted, this was something that people fought for and civil rights movements fought for – it’s completely extraordinary and what was brought in instead, the indenture, the sharecropping and extraction and theft under different names, different guises of the same system.”

It has raised questions about whether her research – which claimed that Cort’s patent in 1784 for processing scrap iron into high-quality wrought iron was “theft … from Black metallurgists in Jamaica” – was influenced by her views.

The latest esteemed historian to criticise the paper, Nigel Biggar, emeritus regius professor of moral and pastoral theology at the University of Oxford and an expert on colonialism, said her comment about abolition was “ridiculous”.

We have long been used to such rubbish from certain History ‘Professors’ in South Africa, but it is sad to see that this farcical anti-British, fantasy retconning of historical reality has now spread to the UK.


  • Chris Posted December 9, 2023 11:26 am

    Violently anti-Boer agenda

    I wonder Mr Ash if you have stepped back a bit
    Taken the time to consider that – in some ways you have become the the enemy you so despise.
    That just like the “true-believers” whose understanding of everything is predicated on the two extremes of either the “vierkleur” or the Union-Jack ( and nothing in between )
    So have your .. “True-Believer” and “Fact-Believer” provided no place for a more nuanced understanding !

    • Bulldog Posted December 10, 2023 10:25 am

      Well, if the worst you can come up with is to accuse me of dealing in facts – rather than in the fables and fabrications of the anti-British mob – then I’ll plead guilty as charged.

      If ever I stoop to their level, and resort to making things up, then you might realistically accuse of me of having an ‘anti-Boer agenda’.

  • Chris Posted December 19, 2023 8:46 am

    Weell then we might call it “War by Media”
    Be that as it may – some vacation time reading ( Which may appeal to you)

    “Hitlers Spies”
    Evert Kleynhans
    Jonathan Ball Publishers

    The Author is a Military College lecturer with a PhD

    You may discover a treasure trove of ammunition involving the Pro-Nazi leanings of all of the high profile Afrikaner Nationalists
    LOTS of interesting footnotes and references

    You could then look up Hitlers plans for African colonies and the role of a pro Nazi South Africa under the Afrikaner Nationalists

    All covered in Hitlers – “New Order (German: Neuordnung)


    You may also notice the name of Oswald Pirows Nationalist Party

    • Peter Dickens Posted December 28, 2023 3:54 pm

      Why stop there Chris? Evert Kleynhans covers the complicity of the Ossewabrandwag in directly assisting the Nazi war effort, and Oswald Pirow is an opportunist with is New Order and zany plans for the division of Africa on the basis of labour by a “sweat-back” race. But’s there’s loads more to all the other organisations surrounding the Ossewabrandwag and the National Party …

      The ‘Grey-shirts’ – The South African Christian National Socialist Party (SANP) – led by Louis Weichardt. The ‘Democratic Movement’ – led by Manie Wessels and Chris Havemann. The ‘Broederbond’ (Afrikaner Brotherhood) – led by Dr. Nico Diedericks. The ‘Black-shirts’ – the Volksbeweging (People’s Movement) or ‘African Gentile Organisation’ led by H.S. Terblanche. The ‘Brown-shirts’ – The ‘Bond van Nasionale Werkers’ (National Workers Union) led by Johannes Bruwer.
      The National Socialist Rebels – led by Robey Leibbrandt. The Boerenasie (Boer Nation) movement – led by the Boer War hero Manie Maritz.

      Why stop?

  • Chris Posted December 30, 2023 10:30 am

    Indeed – Why Stop ?


    A notion that appears to still appeal to some

    • Peter Dickens Posted December 30, 2023 12:32 pm

      Very amusing. Henning Klopper – would be proud of his 1938 bastardisation of the Great Trek and true Afrikaner history – he was the Broederbond Chairman and organiser of the 1938 Centennial .. I would hate to remind the guest speaker in his detailed explanation of Blood River that the Laager at Blood River was a mixed affair of over 800 people (not just 464 ‘Boere) – many of them ‘black’ agteryers and supported by 124 ‘Black’ British Port Natal scouts and their ‘white’ officers. But why ruin a good Herrenvolk story with some real historical facts.

      • Bulldog Posted December 30, 2023 12:38 pm

        Come now, Peter: surely you know that, when it comes to the lunatic fringe of extreme Afrikanerdom, real historical facts are verbode – only self-serving, self-pitying myths of victimhood are permitted.

    • Peter Dickens Posted January 2, 2024 7:33 pm

      Chris – you can read my review of Evert’s book here: https://samilhistory.com/2024/01/02/hitlers-spies-and-the-ossewabrandwag/

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