Homer Simpson speaks for the Defenders of the Myth

It is a rather damning indictment of the position adopted by the Defenders of the Myth that their stance can be summed up by that great thinker and man of letters, Homer Simpson:

Facts are indeed a big problem for Defenders of the Myth, and all the others who frantically try to perpetuate Apartheid-era propaganda of Boer innocence and British aggression, and of Boer martial brilliance and British bungling ineptitude.

It is only by willfully ignoring the facts that they can assure each other that (eg) the British attacked the republics, that the British massed troops on their borders, that the British lost every battle, that the British murdered millions of women and children etc etc etc.

It really does come to something when the attitude of certain South African so-called academics can be perfectly illustrated by a meme featuring Homer Simpson.

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