Liberal Guilt

The sheer desperation that liberals exhibit to feel guilty about everything has always amazed me. I was watching a report on this story on SKY News this morning:

Such stories always present difficulties for the British Left, as they challenge their bizarre world view. The obvious solution, therefore, is to simple ignore the details of the story altogether, and blame it all on the British Empire. SKY News shamelessly took this option, with the article being introduced by the news reader sagely declaring:

“Zambia used to be part of the British Empire, and inherited strict Colonial laws against homosexuality”

So basically, even though Zambia has been ‘independent’[i] for 55 years, the fact that these two poor devils have been slung in jail for 15 years for the ‘crime’ of being gay (a sentence twice as long as the terrorist Usman Khan served for plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange), can – like everything else, apparently – still safely be blamed on British Imperialism.



[i] ‘independent’ as in: survives on hand outs of aid from Britain, the USA etc

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