No wonder the myth survives…

I stumbled across this entertaining alternative reality online:

Second Liberation War [ edit | edit source ]

A border incident, intentionally caused by Rhodes and its accomplices, led to the outbreak of the Second Free War in 1899 , in which 35 000 Afrikaners fought against an army of 450 000 British soldiers. Despite the strong resistance of the Afrikaners and the successful guerrilla tactics of the Afrikaans general Christiaan de Wet and Koos de la Rey , who had been excited worldwide at the time, the British, among other things, got their “scorched earth” policy and the use of concentration camps , in which 26 000 women and children and an unknown number of black farm workers died, managed to win the war. The Treaty of Vereeniging , which was concluded in 1902 , eventually annexed the Boer republics by the British crown.

This is the translation of part of the wiki Afrikaans-language page about the history of the Transvaal / ZAR… And yes, despite the wildly inappropriate name and as utterly ridiculous as it sounds, the ‘Second Liberation War’ really is what this chap calls the Boer War – the one which started when Kruger attacked, invaded and annexed British territory in his bid to build ‘an Afrikaans Empire from the Zambesi to the Cape’. A bloody odd sort of ‘liberation’, one might think.

Furthermore, one wonders which ‘border incident, intentionally caused by Rhodes’ can this fellow mean? And where in God’s name he got the notion that there were only ‘35,000 Afrikaners’ (rather than the 87,365 Boers the British faced in reality) is anyone’s guess. Entertaining to see the myth that Britain fielded an army of ‘450,000’ soldiers is still alive and well for some clowns.

One can only hope that no one actually takes his rubbish seriously – though I fear plenty do.


  • Robert Posted October 30, 2018 4:16 pm

    Most likely they mean the Jameson Raid-although like so many, they conveniently ignore the fact the war actually started nearly three years after the event.

    • Bulldog Posted October 30, 2018 4:28 pm

      Yes, I am also guessing this their crackpot version of the Jameson Raid… though how that can be construed as a ‘border incident’ is anyone’s guess. Besides, Rhodes was furious when he learned that Jameson’s impetuosity had ‘upset the apple cart’.

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